Show Events

Date Title Venue City
08.10.2010 Tom Waits and more... Hudri Bar Wien
17.09.2010 Tom Waits and more straßenfest josefstadt Wien
31.07.2010 Vooshell (Stefan Wedam solo) supporting Leo Kysela Kaindorf a.d. Sulm Kaindorf a.d.Sulm
27.06.2010 The Millrace Summernight Jam (Part 2) ARTist's Graz/AT
26.06.2010 The Millrace Summernight Jam (Part 1) ARTist's Graz/AT
19.06.2010 Vooshell (Stefan Wedam & BAND) Club 81 Pöllau Pöllau
15.05.2010 Vooshell (Stefan Wedam solo) AmBerner Bad Waltersdorf
07.05.2010 Tom Waits and more... GH Lammer Judendorf - Strassengel
17.04.2010 Vooshell (Stefan Wedam solo) & PJ Bond Club 81 Pöllau Pöllau
22.03.2010 Vooshell (Stefan Wedam solo) at Platoo die scherbe Graz/AT


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