Our neighbourhood in Andalucia


As we’re living a simple and rural life here in Andalucia, I may interduce you some of our  roomers and neighbours:

The Piggies and dogs are our daily food recycler...

Food recycler

The small ones

The small ones

Our Gecko...


I call him Pedro


Mantis on our roof long has it been sitting up there?


The austrian goatherd



A heron by the lake


Beetles and other small crawlers


A big spider taking  it's babys out for a walk


Cows and olives


Our neighbour horse


Curious observers...


Adios and Yeehaw!!

Love & Peace!!





Since the 20th of September we’re living in Corteconcepcion, a small village one hour with the car from Sevilla.


Our street

our street

The kids enjoying their space

the kids enjoying their table, seats and meal

Buying potatos...

Buying potatos

...for my first selfmade Tortilla española

My first selfmade tortilla

Bathing and splashing

splashing in the patio

Coconut milk

coconut milk

Daily morning yoga

daily morning yoga

bicycle ride

Strumming and composing

strumming in the patio

Collecting firewoods for colder days

collecting firewoods for colder days

two helpful hands

View from a cafe in the neighbour village Puerto Moral

view from a cafe in the neighbour village Puerto Moral

Family selfie on a rainy day

Family selfie on a rainy day

Heating the oven

heating the oven

Dinner on the terrace over the patio

Dinner on the terrace

More pics and news from our activities coming soon!

Saludos desde Corteconcepcion,

Amor, paz y musica!!



SPAIN/VALENCIA (15.09.-20.09.)




After a short night break in Barcelona we arrived at a small campsite

in “El Saler“ close to Valencia.

We spent a few days at the beautiful beach, enjoying the warm temperatures, the sea and the nearby “Parque natural de l’Albufera“.


On the simple question of wether there are always so many mosquitos, the owner of the campsite complained about the nearby National Park, without considering that this could be the reason, why at all people come to his place. If it where up to him, he would havesprayed the whole area with pesticides, he said...


On the 19th of September I had an atmosphercic unplugged gig at the “Fabrika 12“ in Valencia. The acoustic and the audience were great – so were the wine, the pancakes with cheese and olives at the “aftershow party“  in the nearby appartmant of promoter Heidi.

Next morning we left  again at 5 o’clock  and reached our friends house in“Corteconcepcion“ at noon.. This sleepy but beautiful village in Andalucia shall be our home until December.

It's time for a rest in Barcelona

it's time for a rest in Barcelona

The beach

The beach

Castles made of sand

Playing "memory" ... and the winner is?


Making music

making music

The opera

the opera

Made me think...

Strret art Valencia1

I want to break free!

Street art valencia2

"Soundcheck"  at the "Fabrika 12" ;-)

soundcheck fabrika 12

Looking forward to Andalucia...

Looking forward to Andalucia

More news from Andalucia coming soon!!

¡Amor y Paz y Musica!

Hasta pronto!!


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