Germany, South Tyrol and the return to Austria

Moin moin,

After 2 weeks in the Netherlands we arrived in Xanten/Germany at the beginning of May.

It was the first time for a long time, that our kids could talk german to all the people we met.

We enjoyed the river "Alster" in the city center of Hamburg, where I had a gig at the "Music Live Club".

Even the real cracks need a basic income...

We had a great time in Berlin:

I played at "Cafe Niesen"...


and "Cafe Engels".

Mrs tractor driver.

I had the chance to stroll around in Dresden/Neustadt, one of my favourite cities...

... and had a wonderful gig at the "Blue note club".

Walking through the fields near Frankfurt...

...and building and crashing (non financial) towers.

Hiking in the "Schwarzwald" region:

Collecting flowers and herbs for salads and tea.

At the end of may we crossed the border to Austria, because I played at the "Tivoli" in Dornbirn again.

Next day we passed the stunning "Arlberg" ...

...and went to Brixen/South Tyrol:

Impressive "Dolomites".

We enjoyed our last stop at the "Wörthersee", after 9 months of travelling.

We wanna say thank you to Carina & Jan, Sigurd, Barbara, Friede & Janek, Glori, Laura, Irmela & Martin, Edi and Valentine.

In the last 9 month we drove about 23 000 km in Europe and Australia and slept in tents, cars, caravans, on planes, trains, bikes and in houses of friends and couchsurfing families.

We became friends with a lot of amazing people from all over the world, explored breathtaking nature and I enjoyed performing my music to a wonderful audience.

It has been an unforgetable experience for all of us with memories for a lifetime.

We were blessed to get the chance to do that amazing journey.

Love & Peace!!

Belgium & The Netherlands


We left beautiful France and went to Belgium for a couple of days. We stayed in Dendermonde...

...where we've been to the Monday market.

We visited Doel, a lost village next to a nuclear power station and the constantly expanding port of Antwerp. Most of the people left their homes, so it became a ghost town and an El Dorado for street and graffiti artists.

For more info:

  Two different forms of energy production:

Welcome to the Netherlands:

We stayed at our friends house in beautiful Utrecht.

On Kings day the Netherlands turn into a big party...

... where everybody is wearing something orange.

I had a nice gig in Nieuwegein.

  Only 20min by train: impressive Amsterdam


Having fun at "Nemo" - an interactive science center for kids.

Another museum...

...the flower market...

  ...and the dutch "Kaffeehauskultur".

Had a funky jam...

...a radio show...

...and a very nice gig with a lovely crowd in Gouda.

After having hot chocolate...

...and a walk in Utrecht...

... we had to say Vaarwel Holland and headed to Germany.

We wanna say thank you to Lieke & Peter, Jeroen and Mareike & Meir!!

Stay tuned for more news from our german neighbours!!

Love & Peace & Cheese & Peace!!

Bretagne France Part3


After leaving Nantes we went to Plouzanè, a small town near Brest from where we explored the western part of Brittany.

Here some Impressions:

Picnic on the beach.

Sliding down the grass.

I wanted to take home the Menhir, but Miraculix didn't let me drink the magic potion...

Mystic landscapes

In Penvènan we visited Jörn, a circus acrobat.

We slept in one of his caravans...

...and crashed the birthday party of one of his friends.

In Cherrueix we visited my old friend Kathi and her family. From there we went to "Mont St. Michel"...

... did some biking...

... went to the sea with the highest and lowest tides in Europe...

... and to the old center of  "St Malo" with its stunning fortress:

I had a wonderful concert at "Cafe Bazar".

We left the next day at 4 in the morning and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise...

... and had a lunch break at "Mont St. Eloi" on the way to Belgium.

After leaving France we want to say "Merci beaucoup"  to some friends there:

Mavra, Murielle & Michel, Fanny, Brigitte & Camille, Élo, Stephane,Jörn & Elaine, Kathi & Jean Michel.

Salut and stay tuned for more news from Belgium and the Netherlands!!

Love & Peace & Camembert!!

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