Bretagne France Part3


After leaving Nantes we went to Plouzanè, a small town near Brest from where we explored the western part of Brittany.

Here some Impressions:

Picnic on the beach.

Sliding down the grass.

I wanted to take home the Menhir, but Miraculix didn't let me drink the magic potion...

Mystic landscapes

In Penvènan we visited Jörn, a circus acrobat.

We slept in one of his caravans...

...and crashed the birthday party of one of his friends.

In Cherrueix we visited my old friend Kathi and her family. From there we went to "Mont St. Michel"...

... did some biking...

... went to the sea with the highest and lowest tides in Europe...

... and to the old center of  "St Malo" with its stunning fortress:

I had a wonderful concert at "Cafe Bazar".

We left the next day at 4 in the morning and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise...

... and had a lunch break at "Mont St. Eloi" on the way to Belgium.

After leaving France we want to say "Merci beaucoup"  to some friends there:

Mavra, Murielle & Michel, Fanny, Brigitte & Camille, Élo, Stephane,Jörn & Elaine, Kathi & Jean Michel.

Salut and stay tuned for more news from Belgium and the Netherlands!!

Love & Peace & Camembert!!

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