France Part2

Salut mes amis!

At the end of march we left Spain and went north, in the footsteps of the ancient romans, the "Via domitia" to the beautiful city "Narbonne":

It was all about castles...

... and knights.

Walking on the beach on a windy evening with my sister and brother who visited us during Easter holidays.

On the way to Toulouse we made a stop at fortified "Carcassone":

After spending the day at that impressive old town... was time to put on some shoes...

... and in the evening we reached "Toulouse":

 Italian dinner with tasty french wine.

On the way to Bordeaux the "Easter bunny " hid some eggs and presents.

We had a wonderful time in Bordeaux and the nearby beaches:

Castles and knights again

On the way to the Bretagne we visited the "Machines of the isle of Nantes":

Stay tuned for more pictures of the beautiful Bretagne.

Amour et Paix et Printemps!!

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