Victoria2 & Melbourne part2

Good day and hello!

After "Phillip Island" we headed to the famous "Great Ocean Road"  two hours west of Melbourne.

After lunch... a playground... we were in the perfect mood for the scenic drive!

On a toilet break we spotted our first Koala in wilderness

Here some impressions from the stunning "12 Apostels":

Back in Melbourne we returned our beloved campervan, which became our home for the last 2 months.

That brave "Nissan Grande" let us travel more than 7000km without any troubles!

The first week in Melbourne we stayed at the place of some very good friends (Thanx Sonia & Gregor!).

We went out, had BBQs and a lot of fun.

From now on - public transport

The year of the goat - the chinese community celebrating new year

Having a good time...

... and some great chinese food!! Thank you Chrissie & Jasmine!!

At the "White Night" the city of Melbourne turned into a huge party with more than half a million people on the streets.

Strolling around in the St.Kilda neighbourhood

Really like that one:

Great moments at studio and live sessions

                                          (photo by Morris Melander)

After 3 months we were ready for take off...

This was the last entry from Australia. We had an amazing time in Oz.

We really enjoyed the stunning nature and the big cities.

We are very thankful for meeting and visiting a lot of beautiful, creative and helpful people!!

Love & Peace & Hasta pronto!!

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