New south wales2 & Sydney

Hello fellas,

After spending some time inland in NSW, we went back to the coast.

We stopped at "Byron Bay", which has been a "Hippie settlement" years ago and enjoyed the good vibes and dinner there.

On the 26th of Jan we spent "Australia Day" in the Yuraygir Nacional Park.

Sleepy kids at "Shelly beach" near "Port Macquarie", one of our favourite free spots!

Morning view

Get your feet cooled down and play some hot cello!

Bubble madness...

In Forster I met Simon Leigh, an amazing musician and wonderful guy. We recorded one of his songs and performed it afterwards "very unplugged" at the "Laneway bar"

Jogging in "Old bar" before breakfast

Playing at "Flowbar" at lunch

Having dinner at the pool - what a day!!

Ready to jump into our next adventures in ... Sydney!!

"Harbour Bridge"

Stunning views from up there

Operation opera

We went to famous "Bondi beach" right in the center of Sydney. It was a Saturday and of course it was totally packed with people, but it was amazing - the clearest water you can imagine and absolutly no rubish on the beach and in the sea!!

Mission to "Mars Hill cafe"

Strolling around at a market

Thanks to our hosts Taegen & Pablo!! We enjoyed our stay a lot!!

Love & Peace & Kookaburras!!

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