New south wales1

What's up mates?

After about 6 weeks strolling around in Queensland, we crossed the boarder to New south wales. We headed to the small village Tyalgum, which is located about 2hours from Brisbane.

In Tyalgum we were invited to stay at the place of the artist Anthony Binder and his family.

Morning view from our "Penthouse" (the boys room)

A drumset, billions of Lego and a map of the London Underground - what do you want more?!

Hiking around stunning Mount Warning

Visiting an organic farm - guess what's our favourite herb?

Good vibes at the "Hippie" town Nimbin on a rainy day

Rain didn't stop for a few days - soon we were flooded in...

Although the weather was s..t,

... we had delicious dinners, chats and music & art interactions

another guest

After doing some "no rain dance" and praying to the "holy peace cow",

we went down to the creek to check the flood level

and 3 days later we left their place, heading to the Coast again!

Thanks to Kate, Edan & Anthony for the wonderful time!

Arts of Anthony Binder:

                                                                             "Chair of Fascination"

                                                                                                          "Road to Castles in the Sky"

Love & Peace & Colours!!

Stay tuned for more!!

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