Queensland Part2

Good day, mates!

I'm sitting at  "Black head beach"  (300km north of Sydney) where we arrived yesterday eve.

There are still so many photos to sort out, but I made an effort and I hope you enjoy the pics from queensland part2.

After leaving Ellis beach we visited the nearby crocodile farm.

The bigger ones of the 2 species here are the "Saltwater Crocs":

The smaller ones are "Freshwater Crocs". Don't be confused by their names - both inhabit all areas (sea, rivers, creeks, lakes and inlands).

A Lion had some arguments with them...

... but lately we invited them to have some veggie pasta at lunch.

Some other fellas:

A non vegetarian having a vegetarian for dinner

Hundreds of Bats in the trees

A sleepy Koala

We spent some time at the 14km long "Mission Beach"

Had bananas...

...and pineapple on the way.

Everything (exept petrol) in Australia got very expensive over the years, so we decided to camp on free spots too. We were not willing to pay for all the facilities, when we spent daytime in nature somewhere else and arrive at night. Some campgrounds even charge 2 year old kids.

On the 28th of Dec we arrived at "Balgal Beach", which is a so called free spot. There we saw heaps of parrots and birds in the trees, which gave an extraordinary concert at dusk and dawn.


Birthday at the lagoon in "Airlie Beach"

On the 31st of Dec we had a swim at "Crystal Creek" and the camera decided to take it's own pics:

Yummie lychees and pineapple from the farm.

At night we stayed at a free spot close to the beach. Fortunately there were no fireworks and crackers. We opened a bottle of red wine and had a good sleep!

New years day:

We stayed a few days in Rockhampton and Yeppoon (Capricorn Coast), where the climatic zones change from tropical to subtropical and no more jellyfish and crocs inhabit the sea.

We made a trip with the ferry boat to beautiful "Keppel island" which is part of the "Great Barrier Reef".

Spent some time at a nice campground from the council in "Agnes Waters & Town 1770"

On the 5th of Jan we went to Hervey Bay, where Sandra visited "Fraser Island" - the biggest "sand island" of the world:

The 3 of us started with dinner, because of that:

Another birthday in 3 weeks - guess who ;-)

After a short stop during the day in "Noosa Heads", which we found very crowdy and touristy, we went down to the "Sunshine Coast" where we visited the "Sea life Underwater World" in Mooloolaba.

Stay tuned for more news from "Sunshine Coast and the hinterlands"!!

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