Queensland Part1

Hellöoui mates,

After one week strolling around in Melbourne, we flew up to tropical Cairns in north Queensland, where we were hit by temperatures around 40 Degrees and 80 - 100%  humidity . The first night we slept in a hostal room. Next morning we picked up the child and booster seats, which we bought on "Gumtree" (the aussie version of ebay).

At noon we picked up the van, which shall be our home until mid February.

In the afternoon we went to a music store and bought a guitar. I couldn't  bring my own guitar on carry-on baggage, due to new restrictions of almost all airlines we flew.

Finally we left Cairns and headed north on the scenic "Cook Highway"

with one beach more beautiful than the other.

Unfortunately we could not swim everywhere, because of marine stingers (jellyfish)

and crocodiles.

We soon noticed, that Australia is very into signs and rules which mostly is essential

but sometimes it's just a bit peculiar and funny (I was searching for a translation of the german words "schrullig aber nett/lustig" ).

We crossed the "Daintree river " on a ferry boat

and entered the "Daintree national park".

"Cape Tribulation"

On the 24th of Dec  I did a snorkeling trip to the "Great barrier reef".

It took us 20min offshore and on the way we spotted some dolfins and flying fish.

During snorkeling I saw sea turtles, a sting ray, star fish, fishes and and corals. It was very beautiful, but I didn't find it that spectacular, like I exspected the "Great barrier reef" would be. Due to climate change, pollution, (cargo) ship traffic and overfishing  the "Great Barrier reef" and it's sea life isn't  what it was 20 years ago.

On the way back we had a little rain.

and I did a 10min walk to our campsite on the beach

What else to do there:

Take a swing

Make a break

Lying on the floor and doing some yoga

Open a coconut - I tell you it's actually HARD WORK!

Playing some music in the afternoon

or at night

Swingin Lianas

Swimming hole from a creek

We had a wonderful time at "Daintree National Park/Cape Tribulation" and headed south again, where we celebrated christmas at "Ellis Beach".

The morning of the 25th of Dec:

Santa had to improvise a little

What did he bring??

Next morning while we packed the van, Lion grabbed the camera and shot this pic:

Stay tuned for more!

Love & Peace!!

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