Melbourne part1

Howdoin’ mates,

I’m sitting right now in the middle of the wonderful Ecopark in Crystal Waters at the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Finally I got some time to sort photos and catch up with the blog again.

I can tell you there are heaps of them.

On the 8th of Dec we started our 30 hours flight from Madrid to Melbourne with 2 stops in London and Singapore.

Normally the kids are very good sleepers, but on the plane  they turned into night birds.

That’s why it took us longer than exspected to get over the jetlag.

After a few days we felt quite comfortable and started to explore the city and our neighbourhood in St.Kilda.

Here some pics:

You get what you deserve - the new British airway slogan

Yoga time at Singapore airport

Finally we got some sleep at the hostel in Melbourne

Welcome to St. Kilda

Community garden

St. Kilda beach triathlon

Flinder's street - Melbourne city center

Freshing up

Strolling around near China town... we tried to get some chop sticks from a restaurant for our little drummer,

but they were not amused...

In the evening the kids decided to take a nap after all that splashing in the fountain... goin' back home took us hardly an hour.

Melbourne skyline

Botanical gardens


My little aussie girl prefers Vegemite rather than nutella...


Live at the Elwood lounge

Thanx to Dani for the video:

Stay tuned - More pics from the beautiful North Queensland coming soon!!

Cu next time,

Love, peace, music & sweat

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