Punta Umbría


Since about a week, fall has reached us in Andalucia.

We’re heating the oven at night and eating walnuts, chestnuts, pears and other seasonal food.

At the end of October we’ve been to some beaches near “Punta Umbría“.

It is close to Huelva  at the atlantic sea and a 1 ½  hour drive from Corteconcepcion.

Even for the local people  the temperatures in October were unusually high.

For us it was a little foretaste of the upcoming adventures in December ;-).

Here some pics:

"Minas de Riotinto"  - Some impressive mines on the way

Minas de Riotinto1

Minas de Riotinto2

The beach in October

The beach in Punta Umbría

Playing futbol with the waves

Playing futbol with the waves

Water action!!

Water action

Sandy beaches...

Peel the mango daddy!!

Peel the mango

Enjoy the mango!!

Enjoy the mango!!




21st of Oct

21st of October

Playing at sunset at the beach

¡Amor y paz y playa!


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