Departure - Austria/Switzerland (30.08. - 10.09)

Hello, Hallo and Hola from Andalusia,


At first I want to apologize for the misspellings and I appeal to your patience with me as a blogger ;-) I’ve never blogged before and that computerlanguagehtmlprogrammingcodesuploadingpicsvideospostingthing in english seems new and a bit complicated to me...


Second I wanna say thanks to our families, friends and all the other helpfull people who supported us by their hospitality, advices, knowledge...


We started with our full packed car from Krieglach(Aut) and headed to Rottenmann, Windischgarsten, Salzburg, Dornbirn, Kreuzlingen (Ch) and Konstanz (Ger).


After a few days of bad weather we reached Dornbirn where the first rays of sunshine touched or paled, austrian skins...


I’ve had some wonderful gigs, we’ve met so many beautiful and helpful people and the kids managed the travelling so well, that we’re really looking forward to our upcoming adventures.

Some pics:

Ready for departure

The kids are ready for departure

Live at the “Kulturküche Heinz“ in Salzburg

Live at the “Kulturküche Heinz“ in Salzburg

Stunning view from our friend's house over the city of Dornbirn. Thank you Kathi & Edi!

Stunning view from Edi’s house over the city of Dornbirn F4:

Strolling around in Dornbirn

Strolling around in Dornbirn



Soundcheck  with the best roadie ever!!

Soundcheck with the best roadie ever!!

Live at the “Tivoli“ in Dornbirn

Live at the “Tivoli“ in Dornbirn

On the way to the park in Kreuzlingen which was close to the place where we stayed. Thank you Patrick!

On the way to the park in Kreuzlingen

City of Konstanz

City of Konstanz


The lake “Bodensee“

The park in Kreuzlingen

The park in Kreuzlingen

Hungry for more adventures...

Hungry for more adventures

More infos and photos from France and Spain are coming soon... stay tuned!!


Love & Peace,



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